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Now, usually I don't do this... least not for myself. I manage client accounts. I own a PR firm. I write content for other people's companies, including my own, on occasion. But, my job has afforded me the means to see some pretty cool places, meet some pretty cool people and do it in some pretty trendy clothes (gotta play the part of a PR mover and shaker in Las Vegas), all with some pretty amazing hair (it's quite the topic of discussion, and to be honest, it's not by accident, so I'm a little braggadocios about it. Half nature/half nurture... so what I drive to LA to get my hair done..and on occasion, fly private...what? sometimes I have too much work to do to be behind the wheel of a car), with that said, let's shake some shit up (behind the scenes, of course).

Oh yeah. The first part was totally an R Kelly song reference.


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