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Howdy y'all! (Can't take the Texas out of this Nevada transplant!) Welcome to my life. Professionally, I am a publicist and the CEO and Founder of the coolest boutique PR firm around, Neon PR. In my free time, I'm a wannabe Joanna Gaines, a CrossFit/workout enthusiast, a part time health nut, full time travel connoisseur, audiobook & podcast aficionado, and the in-house beauty, fashion, and Instagram caption consultant for my tribe. 


For as long as I can remember, my girlfriends (and strangers) would ask me things like: 'Where did you get those jeans?' 'Who colors your hair?' 'What foundation are you using?' 'What’s your favorite workout?' 'What do you eat to stay healthy?' Before I knew it, I  was copying and pasting IG answers to the same questions. Finally, I decided the easiest way to manage the constant stream of questions was to create a space where the answers to these questions could live and become a resource for women— and that is why this blog was born. 

This site layout will probably change,  mostly because I    don't know what the F I'm doing, but I plan on chronicling things that people ask, and things that bring me joy - mainly, traveling, looking put together, becoming a better, more well-rounded human and meeting other like-minded bad ass humans.



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