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And since I'm new to the blog game (I didn't choose the blog life, the blog life chose me...literally, me answering the question about what products I use on my hair and skin has been a repeat, so this page as a reference tool is so much easier than me typing it out tons of times! Love y'all, mean it...) everything pictured is tried and true and I paid whatever each product was worth (meaning I'm not being paid to post, just sharing out of the goodness of my heart and hair so we can all have products that WORK for our money and for US). All of these items are repeat purchases for me... which means they all work the best out of everything I've personally purchased and tried.

That said... Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil mask ($43) is bomb... I love it because you warm it up in your hands and put it on BEFORE you shower, on dry hair, so you don't have to condition in the shower with wet hair and stand around. My tub of it sits in the shower to remind me to use it (because I'm forgetful and won't even think about it if its in my cabinet/under my sink with the 'forgottens') but you just leave it on for 20 mins (which is one episode of 'Explained' on Netflix... look it up... it's amazing) and then shampoo and condition as usual... except your hair will feel like a unicorn's hair... that's really the only difference... :)

Dove Beauty Bars with moisturizer + exfoliator is the only way to go in Las Vegas... your skin gets SO dry here, and to be completely honest... loofas (for exfoliating) totally freak me out. Is it being washed every time you use it, or is it trapping dirt and oil and skin... ew. Gross. Anyway. This soap is non-drying and exfoliating, which means no loofa which means 'winning.' Yes, it's on top of a pumice stone. Don't neglect the feet, y'all.

Pure Haven Bath & Shower Spa Salts. Cruelty-free. Bought it at a farmer's market... keep buying it. Smells like peppermint, which makes showers more enjoyable. That is all.

NXN Glow Remedy. This one is for fun. It's a charcoal-activated powder that you convert to a paste to wash your face, which kind of makes me feel like a mad scientist in the shower. Plus it feels nice.


Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner. I've been using this for YEARS. YEARS. Religiously. I swear by it. That is, until I found Olaplex No 4 & No 5 Bond Maintenance System, which is a patented technology system that prevents breaking which is CLUTCH for blondes. I realize both of these as sets are expensive ($45 & $60, respectively) but, don't complain about how your hair 'can't grow' or you have to wear extensions if you're not willing to take care of the hair on your head. Both are also free of sodium chloride and sulfates.

La Mer The Cleansing Gel. I will literally go into Nordstrom JUST FOR THIS cleanser. I think it does a good job of removing makeup, but most importantly (the Vegas curse again) it doesn't strip your skin or make it feel dry post-face wash. It's 'spensive, but it lasts 3-4 months.

Earth Theraputics Tea Tree Oil Foot Scrub. Like I said, don't neglect the feet! This has pumice and apricot shells to buff away calluses and dead skin cells, as well as wild mint oil and menthol to cool and moisturize the feet (I stole this from the website because I'm getting tired and it better explains why it feels so dang good.)


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